Thursday, 15 September 2011

2nd part of halluuwww

so this is the second part of my life. many things that crossed my mind to spill it all i love to spill all the things that happen in my life on my blog but right now im just so damn busy but now i find now is the right time to update my dearest about today,today im gonna hang out with my booboo it has been a long time i havent see him or talk to each other i really miss him sometimes missing laughing with all his jokes but sometimes i have to realize that i have to be strong enough bcoz this year im gonna sit for my exam that is spm so i have to be strong enough even now i have enough pain of missing him but only god knows how strong the pain in today is malaysia day that is 16 sept today is malaysia national day n i bet most if the people are happy celebrating it well u should be u r malaysian n u should be proud of it.malaysia is such a harmony country with many kind of races but still we happy to live about today that is malaysia day n today for whom we call it as student today is holiday n we should spend our time wisely not by wasting it with something that is not this upcoming monday im gonna sit for my physics paper that is the last paper but after that i have to struggle with full of my energy to get well prepared for my spm.spm is my everything it is like a passport that help me in my future.nothing can change without having a good result only that can change ur life n thats why i have to do my best to get good result in my spm i dont want to make me parents sad i know they have been sacrrifice many things for me so now is my turn to make them happy to get good result.i still remember i attended one seminar called skor A they come to my school they taught us the right thing to do in history n all that stuff but the things that make me alwayz remember is that there is one teacher who taught us about history subject then he  talked about spm he said we dont need to be worried about is but he just said that if someday we get bad result then how we supposed to tell our child to study ? then he really like make me realize i should study hard enough so someday i will tell my children to study just like what i did now i just cant imagine what if i dont get good result then when all my children grow up then i will ask them to study.will they do it ? i think no bcoz they will  follow what their parents did so future is everything but now still got plenty of time to make my future gets better.
ok thats all for today enough with my life story
gonna be so damn busy but if i had time i will update my dearest blog for sure
i miss writing all my story right here
ok now time to stop
take care okay u guys
take care all ur loved one
alwayz make them happy dont make them sad
appreciate all the people around u
till i continue my next life story bye for now
with full of heart,


well hello there sorry i've been so damn busy n i dont even have enough time to update my dear lovely blogger n i bet most of my followers getting bored with my blog as i havent update it for about few months yeah im sorry im just busy getting prepared for my spm trial n that feeling of nervous of scared to face spm trial is enough to make me more crazier when i think about my upcoming spm so what should i do then ? yes the only answer is i should study n study n study more n more as it will gets better day by day still remember the saying goes practice makes perfect so i have to do a lot of exercises to make me familiar with all these question that have been ask n ask again during spm.yeah im scared im damn scared to death im not gonna lie everynight i will think what should i do to make me get a better grade yes i hardly sleep this week im having spm trial one more paper left n after that i had to struggle to get prepare for my upcoming spm.thanks to my family,my booboo n my friends who alwayz be there with me especially when im really down.i really love u guys.but i really thank to god for giving him to me i really grateful n sometimes i dont know how to thank to Allah of how really grateful i am to have my bf beside me he is the one who alwayz listen to all my problem i mean everything that is the use of having bf beside loving each other
ok this is the first part of my life story gonna continue in the next post
take care u guys love yah thanks for alwayz be my royal followers XO