Thursday, 15 September 2011


well hello there sorry i've been so damn busy n i dont even have enough time to update my dear lovely blogger n i bet most of my followers getting bored with my blog as i havent update it for about few months yeah im sorry im just busy getting prepared for my spm trial n that feeling of nervous of scared to face spm trial is enough to make me more crazier when i think about my upcoming spm so what should i do then ? yes the only answer is i should study n study n study more n more as it will gets better day by day still remember the saying goes practice makes perfect so i have to do a lot of exercises to make me familiar with all these question that have been ask n ask again during spm.yeah im scared im damn scared to death im not gonna lie everynight i will think what should i do to make me get a better grade yes i hardly sleep this week im having spm trial one more paper left n after that i had to struggle to get prepare for my upcoming spm.thanks to my family,my booboo n my friends who alwayz be there with me especially when im really down.i really love u guys.but i really thank to god for giving him to me i really grateful n sometimes i dont know how to thank to Allah of how really grateful i am to have my bf beside me he is the one who alwayz listen to all my problem i mean everything that is the use of having bf beside loving each other
ok this is the first part of my life story gonna continue in the next post
take care u guys love yah thanks for alwayz be my royal followers XO

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