Tuesday, 19 July 2011

yes i do love u

hello guys sorry i've been damn busy this today im gonna tell u guys about someone who is successfully took my heart away n now my heart belong to him.he is my everything now all the things that i had with him it show  of how much he love me.n both of us alwayz want the best for our relationship.yes we do believe that no matter what happen no matter how far we have been far apart but if our love still strong so our love will remain no matter what comes n go.we will alwayz do our best to make this relationship last bcoz i love him so much he really make my life happy.n he make me happy having him n having me as his gf.everyday i feel grateful of what i had in my life.nobody's gonna have a perfect life.the best moment is when we had a chance to hang out together walk together making jokes together yes i laugh a lot when im with himhe loves to make jokes n its his fault if i cant stop laughing with all his jokes.i really glad to have him.he make my life complete.everyday we try our best to stay contact ask each other of what we have been thru for the whole day.yes my life now is complete but not complete enough until i can see my spm result.spm grrr damn scared to see the days as it getting nearer day by day last night i hardly sleep bcoz thinking of spm thinking of can i pass this spm ? can i be the best among the best ? it just make me nervous but i will alwayz do my best to get good result to make my parents happy.n one more happy bday dear raje nurul syaqireen tadi best ok celebrate bday raje even tadi plan kiteorg x bape jadi but the important thing is raje happy thats all siap demam lagi kn hehe alololo kesian dia maybe sbb terkejut kot sbb da 15 years old kn its ok la nnti get used la tu n one more this year raje pmr kn good luck ok good luck for pmr trial.ok to my sayang i love u so much thanks for alwayz love me n wont ever stop to love me n me too i will alwayz love u forever and alwayz.thanks for all the songs that u gave me i really love it.i love u syg <3

thanks for the songs that u gave me i really enjoy listening to it <3 all the lyrics in these song really related in our relatinship.after i got home the first thing is i open n listen to all the songs i really love it :)
emerallisassy :)

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