Friday, 21 October 2011

my life now

so today says spm left for few days but im not gonna give up easily spm is like my future all i can do is do my best as the saying goes on twitter "Remember, no matter how many days are left, or even hours, you can still change the outcome until the moment you pass up your paper." so it really make me feel more confident even though the truth is i cried a lot especially when i looked at my spm trial n the moment i looked at it n everytime i looked at it my eyes was gonna burst with tears but now it is enough im tired of regretting or crying just bcoz of what just happen in past so im not gonna give up until the last day to do my revision for my spm.i really grateful having this life with my loving family,my loving bf who alwayz listened to me bubbling,crying n complaining about spm but i really thanks to him he is my everything n i love u so much honey boo.thanks for everything sayang.n to my besties still ingat ade satu hari tu before i went off to school then my mum asked about my result then i cried i just dont have the strength to tell my mum about my result bcoz it really bad i shoudnt failed those three subjects but i did so when i told my mum my result i cried n then when i reached school again i cried it just really hard time for me yes i cried a lot n act like 7-year-old kid maybe someday i had to accept the fact that cry wont solve anything it just make ur eyes look worst i have to grow up n think like an adult do what adult would do if problem come to wont cry right ? a person who cried easily when small things happen to them it is consider that person acted like a little kids so it means even though i already reached 17 year old but still the fact about me is im still acted like a kid n i realize i have to grow up change the way i think respect people more think before i speak up about something n it may help me to be more mature.stressed out,cried,happy,sad n every feeling that u can describe of what im having now it is enough for me n i really worked so hard right now for my upcoming spm about 4 weeks left.nervous huh ? yeah of course i am im damn scared to hell no lies it is the truth.anyway to my follower who is gonna sit for this upcoming 2011 spm good luck yah do ur best :) 

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