Monday, 3 October 2011

spm getting nearer

well hello there...
today says that there is only 41 days left for spm n tomorrow is pmr oh my god i could see all the fears was written all over their face but i really wish the best for all my dearest pmr candidate tsya,raje,lina,dian n others hope u guys could do the best that u could no need to force urself to study like crazy right now bcoz anything that u have studied now we called it as study at eleventh hour means u guys study at last minute i learned that study last minute for exam is not good for u bcoz anything that u at that time wont stick to ur mind anymore bcoz the feeling of nervousness is enough to make u guys scared n whatever u read it wont stick ur mind anymore but as i see ur face i know how do u feel i have been thru that moment.the moment of sitting for big examination especially such as PMR but after u guys happily free from PMR then it is my turn to face SPM oh my god only god know how strong my heart bounding especially when i looked at the days left for mw to struggle enough n use all my time to get ready for SPM but i believe with a lot of prayer to Allah n a lot of effort i put on my shoulder to get good result i know someday i will be ready to face it.INSYAALLAH.
so till here :)
im gonna share any spm related link to u guys who is spm candidate so enjoy the link that i gave ok
with scared feelings,

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