Monday, 7 November 2011

All this time

Hello guys,
today at 16:37 pm saying that 7 days left for spm i really put much effort for this upcoming spm i think it is enough of what i faced for this year all the things that i had this year Allah really test me especially in my relationship with my family with my bf.sometimes there are some misunderstanding between me n my bf but he is strong enough n for me he is just perfect i really glad having him he is the one who alwayz take a full care of me as i sometimes acted like a little baby n he is the one who alwayz by my side listened to all my problems.i swore i never had that kind of person in my life but  now he is the one.i really love him with all my heart.ok back to my spm story.about my spm story,when it comes to my spm trial my,spm trial results was sucks i never thought that i put much effort on it then i still got 3 subject failed sometimes feel like wanna give up but people around me who alwayz support n tell me to never give up bcoz there are still hope and i believe Allah will help me .Everyday he listened to all my prayers n i hope all my prayers really comes spm trial result really makes me burst into tears how im supposed to be happy ? but thank god there is one more chance n i will do my best in SPM but if i dont get result that i want i wont be mad at myself  bcoz i already do my best n that is what i achieved i wont be mad or regret.when someone failed in his or her life doenst mean that person will fail for his or her entire i will alwayz hold the saying to never give up on anything people who easily give up wont achieve success n i dont want to be that person.but one of my dream now i really wanted to get straight A but by getting good grade is enough for me as long there is no fail.i really jealous looking at my classmates who achieve straight A for spm trial n sometimes i wonder when can i be like them ? n when i started to say like "untungla korang parents korang mesti proud kan korang dapat good grade" then i started  to burst into tears.haha just by praising person can make me cry n thats kinda weird actually but whatever happen i believe there is miracle in bye for now i maybe update my this lovely blog after my spm is over till then much love 
SPM candidate for 200 batch
Wish me luck
Dont forget to pray for me 
Bye for now

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