Friday, 11 November 2011

the day will come

As I stand here,never giving up on hoping of reaching success having all these people who had been supporting me since the day one.reaching my hand up in the sky feels like asking God is this true ? or im still day-dreaming ? everyday I keep on counting the day for spm n now it turns out only two days im still sane n not gonna do reckless thing like killing myself by jumping out of the building or jumping out of the cliff like Isabella Swan did in her movie twilight new moon. only insane people will do that ! I love myself n I believe there are still many hope out there  for me.i don’t want to be a quitter being a quitter means u will never succeed in life.never had a dream of reaching their dream of becoming something so I just follow the beats of my life with its own ups and down that had become my best friend.i started to learn about the real meaning of life it is not easy to get something as the saying goes  “nothing great ever come that easy”.effort,working hard till your butt off is your best friend to help you of reaching I feels like scribbing a few lines of something so my mind feel inspired to write something on this lovely dearly blog. Having their blessed and their prayer is enough to help me in SPM.i cried a lot bcoz something I feel like im burn out right now losing all my strength and myself but doesn’t say im gonna give up im strong like a superman but as im a girl so im strong like a supergirl and hard like a steel.ahhhh the adrenaline is getting higher the intense feeling of sitting for SPM and the feeling of leaving the school it just overwhelming me.Teachers who always help he giving me a big hope putting a trust and counting on me.they giving me the faith to believe in myself .people around me keep telling to not be too nervous and just remain cool because they always remind me everything gonna be just fine so I don’t have to feel scared to face spm but the fact is the reason I cried for almost everyday is because I feel like im not good enough but with much effort I believe I can do it !
ok thats all for now
take care yah
with much love,
spm candidate for 2011 batch 

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