Thursday, 1 December 2011

Love is special thing

when im in a relationship i started to learn the real meaning about love and how hard to keep that relationship and if you really someone you will alwayz try and sacrifice eveything just to make your relationship would last and same goes to me everyday i raise my hand and pray to Allah of hoping this relationship will last bcoz i really love this person and i wont easily give up on keeping this relationship.many things we've been thru fighting,quarrelling with each other were our best friend but what keep us together is our love towards each other  even things like sucks and feel like wanna kill it but the strong feeling of love and that make this relationship lasts.i alwayz feel grateful of having him.sometimes im just jealous looking at other relationship that have been long time relationship and i want that too.i want to keep this relatinship until my last breath and that is the real meaning of true love.i love someone not bcoz of their status,their money.what kind of cloth they wear but i love someone is bcoz of their pure heart of loving me.

thanks to my bf for alwayz love me i love you so much xo <3

love you so much my dearly lovely sweetly darling boyfriend <3

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