Wednesday, 11 May 2011

exam day

sorry i have been so damn busy with all the h/w n now im sitting for my mid year exam  for three weeks now i just get started for the first week so i really busy i dont even have enough time to update my lovely about today im sitting for math n chemistry paper.math is still considered that i can still think properly n i can still remember all the formula.but when it goes to chemistry paper my mind goes people who took chemistry paper they gonna face 3 paper.that is chemistry paper 1 paper 2 n paper today i took my chemistry paper just makes me goes the moment i saw the question i swore i never saw that kind of question in my really makes my brain gonna i just pray to God i dont want to fail my chemistry paper im tired of keep failing my paper.anyway whatever happen im gonna do my best for spm i just cant do anything now so my only hope of getting good grade is during trial or spm.i alwayz study but it just not enough to achieve good grade.hopefully tomorrow im gonna be just fine to answer my history paper.i pray to God so that the question that gonna be ask is easy n friendly to be answer by a student like this is for today.for all my classmates n all my friend who is sitting for mid year exam i wish u good luck n do ur best n never say never take care urself ur gf ur bf ur family n alwayz smile :)
lisabiebsessed (die hard student ) lol
anyway i miss u boo n i love u  boo<3

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