Tuesday, 3 May 2011

it gets harder day by day

so someone that i love the most just leave me n i dont really understand why he did this to i realize that theres no use of having someone special by your side if he kept make u sad n i want someone who can make me laugh n smile all the time.this life is too precious to be sad.theres a thousand reason to smile n theres no enough reason to be sad.although sometimes my life is getting harder n more n more problems come i just face it.even it hurt me i just smile bcoz by doing that i will forget all my problems. i hate to be sad there are many things in my head right now. all i wanna do roght now is to focus on my studies of getting straight for spm.i have to forget all these thing bcoz when i kept thinking about is enough to make me more crazier.i wanna start a new life i dont want to live in this kind of life i want a normal never say never to spm as its coming n coming when day has come i will say omg today is im gonna sit for i cant imagine that moment.n i swear i cant think of anything at that  moment. :) so keep smiling ok no matter how hard this life it seems u just gotta face it.just enjoy ur life ;) like justin bieber alwayz said U SMILE I SMILE :) so smile peace no war wink wink

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