Thursday, 12 May 2011

hello peeps

so today im sitting for my history paper.history paper is not too hard or its not too easy maybe that paper in the middle of easy or hard or easy to say the question that being asked in the paper is average.i still can breath i still can think properly.i wish someday im gonna get A+ for my history paper who knows for spm maybe ? so i finished that paper early so i got nothing else to do so i got an idea of writng something on my im thinking whats the right word n what should i write on my before i spill all of it on my blog i wrote it behind my history paper so that it is easier for me when i got home i just write it on my this is what i do when i have extra time during exam was conducted i just wondering of this.Alwayz be grateful of what He has written for us or we called it as fate bcoz theres gonna be good reason of what He give u that kind of test or hardship.He just wanna see how strong are u n how smart r u to handle all the test n hardship.Never mad at Him or blaming Him.He refer to Allah our God.alwayz smiling n there are 1000 reason to smile every second of ur life.alwayz be kind to people around u or people who alwayz by ur side.even u hate that person just kill them with kindness.only kindness can change a person not by pick up a fight with matter how wonderful n how hard ur life is alwayz remember to be grateful.enjoy every second of ur life bcoz that moment or that second may be ur last second to enjoy in ur life.stay in love with someone who alwayz love u n u love the most.alwayz appreciate that person.make he/she knows that they are part of ur life.ok thats all for today byebye
with smiling face,

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