Saturday, 14 May 2011

having fun time with my alien

lol today i cant stop smiling n laughing especially when i with my just so fun to have my alien with me.i promise i will keep all the things that u gave me with all my heart.anyway i havent test the camera that u gave me.n u really love the pen that u gave me even u said u hate the color but to me the color is just fine lol.i wish i could spend that time everyday but yeah im still a student so i dont enough time to be with u.anyway all the moment that we shared really makes me smile.all the jokes u make i cant forget alwayz stay in my mind.i really enjoy the time that we had.n i cant stop laughing at myself when u asked me to find u.i really didnt notice u at all.n anyway thx for being my just makes me goes crazy lol.anyway thx for the nano has been a long time i didnt taste it.i just love it lol.anyway thx for coming n accompany me.n i love u forver n alwayz lol <3
with a lot of love,
love u 

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