Friday, 27 May 2011

hello people

im kinda boring right now my mid year exam just over but i still dont feel any freedom bcoz my real freedom will appear when my spm is over cant wait for that moment but the first thing i do after my exam was over is celebrate my someone special my alien birthday thats all i want after my spm was over thats is the most important thing i have to for the first three days holiday im gonna attend a spm camp as it was make specially for spm student so for the sake of spm i will attend it for three days.i feel like many thing in my mind n i've got to do during this two weeks break but its ok as long as i can enjoy it i will just follow the flow of what im doing right now is listening n watching cover video  made by sam tsui he does cover of many songs his voice is just amazing.found it on youtube.there are still many things need to be discovered on the net

thats all for today im now packing my things for the camp ok byebye for now take care ok take care ur gf ur bf ur mum ur dad alwayz think positive no matter how hard this life seems just ignore people who talk bad about u it all happen bcoz they dont have life like u thats make them feel jealous over u so just enjoy u life
with joy n lots of love,

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