Friday, 10 June 2011

day by day

it has been 4 days we havent talk to each other i miss ur voice n i miss u so much where r u now ? well i understand maybe this lately u have been busy with ur final year exam n i hope u can do ur best.i hope u r not mad at me.bcoz i dont to have a fight.for all this while we love each other.n suddenly something happen but i will alwayz do my best to get to u.miss all ur jokes.everytime i read something on ur blog it just make me smile or else i cried bcoz it show that how much u love me n im afraid my love is not big enough for u but nobody's perfect but i will alwayz do my best to love u just the way u love me.i wont waste ur love.ur love is too preciuos to let it go.n its not easy to find someone like u.who has golden heart n alwayz make me felt all blogger who has been follow my blog i want u all to know everything that i wrote in my blog is originally comes from my heart no edited at all.all of it are raw n original story no copy paste from any i hope u guys enjoy read my blog.n for all this while i wrote everything about someone.someone that i love n its hard to live without him but something happen n it really test my relationship but it doesnt matter as long as both of us love each other thats all the matter.every relationship will face many challenge many test just to make sure how strong their love n now im facing my own relationship yes sometimes its hard n u even felt that u should give up of loving each other but for me no im not gonna stop to love him.he has been someone that really important in my not gonna let him go just like this year im gonna face spm n i hope u guys could pray for me so that i will get good result n i want to make my parents proud of me.a lot of hard work is needed to reach success but sometimes it just not enough for me to get good result.but for the sake of my future i would done whatever just to get good result.n now i try to find my strength to be strong.honey,i hope u read this i really cant stop hoping so that u will read my blog.all of it i made it for u especially comes from my heart n its for u.n honey ILY n IMYSM <3 hope u just fine.
with a pain of missing someone right now,
ILYSM n IMYSM honey boo <3

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