Friday, 17 June 2011

emarallisa sassy

emarallisa sassy thats my new name.yes i do fall n i do stand up.i try to find all the strength in my soul n once i found it all my dreams can come true.i find the strenght to face all this.its not easy to face all this test in ur does comes n goes,but its takes time to go.n at that time u just gotta face it.people do fall n they stand up by their own feet.yes i do alwayz be the lousy one be the one who alwayz not perfect yes im not perfect n nobody's perfect in this world but we could make ourself perfect by standing n work hard to stand near the perfectionist.yes im the lousy one who who alwayz got bad grade who is not good enough but i do trust myself that i can do one can stop that.being urself sometime is easier than being the fake one.being someone who make people feels annoying n hate u that just waste ur time.time do come n goes n they dont come appreciate every moment that u shared with the love one.they do alwayz love u.dont be sad of not having someone realize that ur mum n ur dad alwayz love u.they alwayz accept u no mater how they will alwayz do the best for their child bcoz they do love u.n someone special that helped u a lot to face all these hardship in ur life.u know that he would done whatever just to get to u.yes i do pray to god so that our relationship will last grateful of having ur mum ur dad ur family ur someone special n ur life.yes life is full of color sometime it make u happy n sometime it make u sad thats what we call life full of colours n life is wonderful.having all these people who alwayz supporting me it just make me appreciate of having all of u thank u god for all the blessing that u gave me i wont ever waste it i will alwayz appreciate of what u gave me.cant stop listening to this song.this song actually originally come from chris brown n justin bieber titled next to you but someone named conor maynard made cover of this song n i really love this cover song it make that song more wonderful
with lots of love,
ILY boo <3
                                                            so this is the original song 

n this is the cover made my conor maynard n ebody day 

yes i like it i love both of these song <3

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