Wednesday, 22 June 2011

my life now

im sorry for being busy this lately i hardly try to avoid it i know my fault its ok if u wanna be mad at me but u too i try to understand that u alwayz been busy i tell myself all this thing is for our future yes i try to think that way.i alwalyz hoping that we could meet each other even in 5 second get to see ur face n say that i love u n i miss u thats enough n i still dont know who is that person.the person that u wrote on ur fb status.saying that person been busy try to avoid u but actually busy with twitter who is that person ? i really think that person is me.but i just wanna say if that person is really me im sorry i know i've got lots of homework lot of thing i have to do.i know u miss me n me too i miss u too.its not easy try to face it i try my best to write something on ur fb wall or om my blog about u.n once again sorry for that.every night i hardly to sleep i have sleep disorder no matter how tired of that day but i just cant sleep.i lie down on my bed try to get some rest but i just cant i dont know whats wrong with me this lately.too much pressure pushing me right now n it wont stop until spm is over.when spm is over everything gonna be just head sometime like hardly to think hardly to do anything bcoz im so stressed out n it wont fade away from my head.i try to find medicine just to help me overcome all these problem n hope i could find it.hope u do ur best in everything never give up i just want u to know all these thing is happen n it wont stop unless we are near to reach happiness n it will slowly fade.for our future for our better future.thanks for alwayz care about me even i know how much u been busy right now.we just cant avoid it.i know i try find my time to write something.some tweet on my twitter is about my feelings of what i face everyday i spill it on twitter.yes i do miss u.u have been all my mind all day.try my best to get good grade for my spm trial i want to prove to everybody even underdog can reach success n i dont need to be too perfect bcoz nobody's perfect in this world.sometime i spent most of my time with my juniors so that i can slowly hide all my problems bcoz they alwayz support me no matter how.having really fun time with them.thats all for now.this is all i wrote of what i felt this lately n it all comes from my heart.thanks for alwayz love me no matter how thanks for everything thanks for alwayz be strong for me even it gets harder day by day but i know i do believe u that strength will alwayz be ur bestfriends.i love u emeral n i miss u a lot.i just cant hide it of pain of missing someone right now.take care urself.
with much love n more miss,
emeralllisassy <3

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