Saturday, 11 June 2011


hello peeps,first i wanna thank to all the people who have been supporting me to face all the problem that enter during this relationship.thanks for make me strong n thanks for all the advice i wont forget u guys.i really appreciate u guys.thanks for willing to help me.n to my alien i really love u.sometime i felt like im gonna cry bcoz realizing having u as someone who is special who alwayz love me no matter how.someone who says his life gonna be like pffft if i dont exist in his life.first date was awkward by wearing purple cloth.second date was so much fun with all the jokes n u even say this on ur fb status n i wont ever forget it " hanging out with her like watching precious diamond but closer " it just make me smile when i read it.then theres a day i asked him this "if someone ask u why u love Lisa Biebsessed so much what would u say ? im just

 wondering ♥ " then he answered "i would say that Lisa

 Biebsessed is someone special to me, and she is so made of

 tanah, haha and i love her. that thing can't be change bby 

:D " thats sweet n i wont ever forget that i wont ever forget

 of how much u love me.n i hope our third date gonna be

 amazing n awesome n gonna alwayz be remembered.n once

again thanks for alwayz love me no matter how.thanks for 

alwayz helping me to face all the problem that enter in my

 life.thanks for willing to be my life-problem-solving.n ILYSM

 <3.H.O.L.L.A.N.D means H is hope.O is our .L is love.L is

 lasts.A is and.N is never n D is dies :) so its gonna be Hope

 Our Love Lasts And Never Dies

with more much love,

emarallisa aka lisabiebsessed 

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