Thursday, 16 June 2011

just the way you are syg

thank u for understand of what happen in my life now i know it is hard for u n it is hard for me too.i miss u so much right now n i wish we could hang out sometime spend our time together but i have to finish something for my future my spm is my future the only thing that can bring me.when i read ur blog it just make me love u more n grateful of having u as my bf i really hope that we can close like we used to but that maybe happen someday now i  have to work so hard to get good grade.n i know im not good enough im not good enough to push myself to the perfectionist n i still trying to figure it out.i hope u could take care yourself honey.dont EVER forget to take ur meal i know u try so hard to diet but at least eat something i dont want u to get sick i want u to be just fine.thank u for trying to be strong to face all this hardship.u help me to be strong n me too i help u to be strong.its not easy to find the strength to stop something that we used to.thank u for praying for me n for our relationship i really want this relationship will last forever.i love u so much n no one can stop that.thank for alwayz love me.thank u for never stop to love me.i will alwayz love u.if u miss me read all the quotes that i gave u.n i hope it could relief ur pain of missing one can understand our feelings.only u n i can understand really hard to explain of what we having now of what we being to thru now.but i know we are strong enough for this strong enough for our love.n it wont easily fade one can take that feeling.
with more love n miss from my the bottom of my heart,
ILY honey <3
emarallisa AKA lisabiebsessed

this song for u <3 hope u enjoy listening to this song i love this song it just sweet


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