Friday, 24 June 2011

happy 3rd month anniversarry

for all the things we had we cry we laugh out hard n we cried a lot finally our relationship reach 3 month never thought that relationship is easy many things we must face all the hardships to reach happiness thanks for alwayz love me n never stop hope Allah alwayz listen to my prayer.only Allah can do that.thank u Allah for giving him to me.he make me smile even sometimes i find it hard to face my life full of its ups n down n he help me to get up.sometimes i hardly to breath bcoz a lot of thing suddenly come into my life n it really test this relationship.all the pressure that kept pushing me n it wont stop unless i alwayz stay strong to face one cant runaway from their life problem.everybody have it.Allah give that to see if u are strong enough or not.n sometimes people give up.but i alwayz try to find the strength in my soul.the strength to be strong the strength to be strong the strength of not being weak the strength of not crying for what has happen.he make me feel special in his everything to him thats the best thing in my life.all the moment that i spent u  alwayz make me smile n sometimes i cry bcoz of how big ur love over me.its not easy to find someone who really love u.full of his heart.u r his life.without u his life gonna be like pffft,he said that.thanks for everything thanks for everything that happen.thanks for make me know that u alwayz love me.people can say whatever.i love him.i won't waste of what i have now.i alwayz thank to Allah of what happen.theres gonna be reason of why all these thing happen.yes Allah will alwayz test u HE want u to be a better person.HE want u to learn from mistake.yes u make my life wonderful n lot of colour.n I LOVE U TOO,I LOVE U SO MUCH N ALWAYZ.
with more love from pieces of my heart,
emarallisassy <3

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